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DewMore Baltimore

Spring 2023

CATEGORY: Fundraising and Capital Allocation

MISSION: A youth development organization dedicated to using the arts, specifically spoken word and poetry, as a tool for civic engagement and to amplify the voices of young people and marginalized communities in particular. 

Hold a program with various Baltimore schools, host for youth poet laureate. Youth and adult teams are internationally awarded (represent Baltimore). Slam poetry, open mic nights, hip hop, MCing. Currently planning a program aimed towards improving student literacy. Empowering youth to be the change they want to see by bringing awareness to issues; using a creative process that is more digestible and can encourage people to engage/act.


  • Strong need to diversify their funds. Finding new creative ways to increase capacity to bring more people on through paid means. Grant writing– weaving a story!

Out for Justice

Spring 2023

CATEGORY: Technology Solutions, Program Development, Marketing and Outreach

MISSION: OFJ is an organization comprised of individuals who are both indirectly and directly impacted by the criminal legal system, advocating for the reform of policies and practices that adversely affect successful reintegration into society.

Strive to empower people to advocate for themselves. Staying connected with those behind bars, informing legislators of what is occurring. Receive letters weekly and provide recipients with support, whether it be housing and food related, or needing a printing cartridge.


  • Launching a membership platform to track and keep members engaged (event attendance, advertising/promo, volunteer opportunities).

  • New marketing strategy. Blog stories from behind the bars– repackaging marketing material they already have.

Black Church Food Security Network

Spring 2023

CATEGORY: Business Process, Marketing and Outreach, Program Development

MISSION: To co-create sustainable food systems across the United States (originated in Baltimore) that are anchored by black churches working in partnerships with black farmers (who make up less than 1% of all farmers!) and small business owners. 

In Baltimore, most chronic illnesses affecting the population are preventable– hypertension, heart disease, etc. Identified “food deserts” surrounding marginalized communities in greater Baltimore area. Fighting food inequities. Under ARC program, working to build a food system connecting black churches/farmers in major cities along I-95 and I-85.



  • Help with setting up purchasing structure, communication guidelines,

  • Identifying potential areas for cold storage, as well as potential transportation routes.

Challenge 2 Change Inc.

Spring 2023

CATEGORY: Technology Solutions, Organizational Strategy, Program Development

MISSION: To provide high poverty, at-risk Baltimore youth (ages 7-24) conflict resolution curriculum. Encourage youth to develop a positive self-image and mindset, so they can have healthier, safer, and better futures (reducing gun violence). Challenge 2 Change runs an after school program, a summer program, a STEM program, and an arts program. Through mentorship, conflict resolution, and development activities, they strive to empower youth with the knowledge of self to prepare them for life.


  • Want to develop progress reports for their kids– infographics, spreadsheets, surveys, etc.

  • Need a better way to store data for a proven system

29th Street Community Center

Spring 2023

CATEGORY: Organizational Strategy, Fundraising and Capital Allocation, Marketing and Outreach

MISSION: A commitment to provide welcoming, safe, accessible spaces and programs that amplify the voices and talents of our diverse community. Resource hub that host a number of open workshops and classes. More notably an after school program, a teen program, and a free summer camp. Currently building a teaching kitchen for cooking classes, provide holistic health services, host yoga aerobics classes, art classes, music production classes, resource fairs on how to manage medical bills, rental assistance, etc. Big focus is on bringing people together– hold open weekly dinners.


  • Need a new marketing budget moving into next fiscal year. Looking to access more grants through a more streamlined grant application process

  • Want to reach a different demographic via utilization of new social media templates

The Cavanaugh House

Spring 2022

CATEGORY: Business Process, Organizational Strategy, Fundraising and Capital Allocation, Marketing/Outreach, Program Development

MISSION: To provide training in upholstery and sewing to unemployed and underemployed individuals, seeking to learn a trade, to gain a career.  Their goal is for each student to begin a career in the upholstery/sewing industry while earning a living wage, with full benefits.  All materials, training, transportation are provided at no cost, as well as meals to students. 



  • Requesting assistance with the creation of a brand kit to include marketing materials (online and in-print)

    • UPDATE: Through modifying the pre-existing ads, we were able to increase impressions by 79%, from 1,000 to 1,790, and increase the click through ratio increased from 5% to 8%.

  • Also need help developing fundraising and outreach strategies for recruiting students, volunteers, and donors.

  • Undergoing program development includes new student welcome packets, standardized evaluation forms and educational curriculum, student interview questions, and optimal website materials and updating. 

  • Seeking assistance with the creation of their vision statement and values.

By Peaceful Means

Spring 2022

CATEGORY: Technology Solutions, Marketing/Outreach

MISSION: To interrupt physical and structural violence through peace education, advocacy work, empowerment, and youth employment. Hold summer peace camps that provide youth peace work and youth employment opportunities, also offer trainings for other organizations which focus on group dynamics.


  • Requesting assistance with revamping/professionalizing their website that will support launching their initiatives and deploying marketing content through the website, social media platforms, and email.

  • Donors and families are looking to the website for information (including the camp application); need advice on the way they brand and present themselves in outreach materials.

  • They want to work to become more visible to reach their fundraising goals for the year.

Bedtime in a Box

Fall 2021

CATEGORY: Growth Strategy, Fundraising and Capital Allocation

MISSION: Bedtime in a Box provides families with the materials, tools, and training they need to enact a comprehensive bedtime routine, seven days a week. The goal is to develop bedtime habits within youth that will last, improve early literacy, and support the link between home and school.



  • Need help with finding distribution partners, specifically in the DC and Delaware Area.

  • Looking for organizations or districts who have funds that they could spend on Bedtime in a Box

  • Want us to give our perspective of how they should grow in short term and long term, involving market analysis and then also included some suggestions

Parts of Peace

Fall 2021

CATEGORY: Fundraising and Capital Allocation, Marketing

MISSION: Parts of Peace empowers families in Baltimore by partnering with them to meet their basic needs and beyond as they transition from temporary instability to lasting independence. Parts of Peace serves as a one stop shop for struggling families who are seeking help acquiring food, hygienic materials, and clothes.


  • Create holistic marketing plan (specifically, could include creating newsletter template, social media posting schedule, etc.)

  • Develop partnership and fundraising strategies

Preservation Maryland

Spring 2022

CATEGORY: Organizational Strategy, Fundraising and Capital Allocation, Marketing/Outreach

MISSION: Preservation Maryland is a statewide nonprofit working to protect the state’s unique and irreplaceable heritage while concurrently creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable future. Through strategic programming and partnerships, the organization is using the best of our past to solve some of today’s biggest issues, including climate change, affordable housing, and workforce development.


  • Requesting assistance with developing a communication and outreach plan specific to development and fundraising


Spring 2022

CATEGORY: Technology Solutions, Finance and Accounting, Organizational Strategy

MISSION: The mission of ARTblocks is to provide communities with creative placemaking (a collaborative process that strengthens the connection between people and the places they share, and results in the creation of quality public spaces that contribute to people’s health, well-being, and happiness), a grassroots, bottom-up design tool used to identify their goals and creative ideas for their neighborhood spaces.


  • Requesting assistance with streamlining and simplifying her website, and general assistance with social media platforms.

  • Strategic questions such as developing an effective plan for donor acquisition and for expand to a younger audience.

Friendly Loving Opportunities

Fall 2021

CATEGORY: Growth Strategy, Operational Research, Fundraising and Capital Allocation

MISSION: FLO provides food, clothing, furniture, and supplies for people experiencing hardship. FLO works to inspire men, women, and children in need, to instill hope, and to help them transform their lives. They aim to inspire the public by providing services and mobilizing the provision of resources that allow individuals to take control of and transform their lives.


  • Gain insights into nonprofits doing similar work, so that partnerships can be formed

  • Streamline grant application process in an attempt to increase overall funding

  • Gain expertise into where/how to store current materials, such as different warehouses/storage facilities

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